Friday, April 15, 2016

gone fishin'

Gone fishing... and hiking and lambing and lots of other things as I begin my 3-day Northern Tier “immersion experience.”

Each of the seven convocations of our diocese has been invited to set up a 3-day itinerary to introduce me to their region of Central Pennsylvania and to give me insight into what it is like to live, work, pray and serve God’s mission in their “neighborhood.” I want to meet people in this beautiful diocese of ours and, as Episcopal Missioner Tom Brackett would say, I want to do some “Spirit Tracking."

This weekend I am off to the Northern Tier- to “God’s Country,” as Potter County is nicknamed, for a weekend that will include a lot of outdoor activities, tours of local social service agencies and outreach efforts, a visit to Mansfield University,  a yoga class, a bluegrass mass and lots and lots of home cooking.  We’ll finish up on Sunday morning at St. Paul’s, Wellsboro with a regional confirmation service.

I can’t wait.

In fact, launch time is T-1 hour and it’s time to rig the fishing rod and find my yoga mat.

Look for a report in blog form coming soon!

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