Friday, June 17, 2016

3-Day Immersion Excursion: Southern Style

Dear Friends,

I’m on the road again for a 3-Day.

This time, it’s to the Southern Convocation which includes our churches in Beartown, Blue Ridge Summit, Waynesboro, York (2) Gettysburg and Hanover.

There’s a full schedule which will include some time enjoying the out-of-doors and  learning about local social service institutions and their partnerships with the Episcopal Church.  There will be some time spent enjoying the landmarks at Gettysburg, a ball game on Saturday and even a wedding to celebrate!  On Sunday, we’ll conclude with a visitation to St. John the Baptist, York and witness the power of the Holy Spirit in Confirmation.

Packing list:  Shorts and Hiking boots.  Cope and Mitre.  Crozier.  Baseball hat, glove and ball. Prayer Book.  Bird Book. 

Stay tuned for updates during the weekend!

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