Friday, October 14, 2016


I could do it in my sleep--  I almost do do it in my sleep-  my morning choreography:

1. Roll over
2. Unplug my phone and grab my glasses
3. Turn on the flashlight function
4. Find my way through the dark hall and down the big, deep stairs
5. Press “on” on the coffee pot
6. Use the lavatory
7. Let the cat out
8. Light the candle
9. Sit in the chair near the fireplace and wait for the coffee
10. Drink the coffee
11. Say my prayers
12. Let the cat in.
13. Feed the cat.
14. Check my email.

It’s the same every single day- the routine choreography that has developed in the last year since we moved to our new house.

It’s been like this, really, for years-  the same basic format of wake, coffee, pray- (with variations on dealing with the cat) since I graduated from the wake-coffee-pray-get-the-kids-up-make-breakfast-get them-out-the-door-to-school-routine that persisted for many, many years.

Most mornings, I go to the gym.

The first 14 things that I do in the morning set me up for that, though I have a new rule for myself:  If I get into bed later than 11 PM, I do not have to go to the gym in the morning.   I’m one of those people whom, even as I age, still needs a solid 8 hours of sleep in order to function.

I bet that you have some morning choreography that stays pretty consistent every day.

It is easy, comfortable and allows us to move through the early part of the day with some efficiency, predictability and few surprises.

Morning choreography is good.

And then, sometimes, shaking up one’s choreography, one’s sense of routine, one’s practice of the same comfortable life dance steps is also good.

Today I’m going to try climbing a rock climbing wall. (not until after I’ve had my coffee and said my prayers, however.)  Our Diocesan Convention is being held at the “Spooky Nook” in Manheim and, besides being a conference center/hotel, it is also a giant sports facility, and has rock climbing walls, among other things.  

I’ve always wanted to try rock climbing-  ever since I was in my 40s and my trainer friend Laura stared talking about it.  I was in much better shape, then, and almost 20 years younger... and... we never went to the rock climbing gym.  It was more than an hour away- and in Connecticut, that was just too far ( I know, here in PA we will drive that far for a cup of coffee...)   Anyway, I never have tried rock climbing.

This afternoon at 4 PM I will be joined by our Sycamore House Episcopal Service  Corps members, some of our diocesan youth group and maybe (I hope) some intrepid adults who want to try something new.  I know that Churchill will be there.

I may not get more than 3 feet off of the floor.  
I’m not in great shape anymore.
I’m kind of afraid of heights.

But I’m willing to shake it up, try something new, and take a risk.

What is your Morning Choreography?  Your Routine?
When do you step out of your Comfort Zone for the sake of trying something new?
What is your ‘risk taking’ profile?

Come on out to the Spooky Nook at 4 PM.
Join me.

But first, coffee and prayers.

one of the climbing areas at Spooky Nook


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