Friday, December 16, 2016

two dozen rules of Christmas (at my house)

1. Always a blue spruce
2. Colored lights on the tree
3. Dad’s aluminum hand-made angel on the top
4. White lights on the house
5. Neighborhood pajama rides to see the lights

6. King’s College Lessons and Carols on the kitchen radio on 12.24
7. Eggnog in ruby red glassware while trimming the tree on Christmas Eve
8. Cookies for Santa on the hearth

9. No going downstairs until Dad has shaved and dressed and Mom has had her coffee.
(my childhood)
10. No looking in the living room until we’ve all had breakfast
11. Grapefruit, sour cream coffee cake, sausage and eggs at Christmas breakfast
12. Stockings may be opened at the breakfast table

13. Off to quiet Church as a family on Christmas morning

14. Someone plays “Santa” and distributes the gifts in an orderly fashion
15. One gift opened at a time
16. Recycle boxes, string, brown wrapping paper
17. Someone keeps a list of gifts for the purpose of writing thank you notes

18. Creamed herring and pate
19. A rib roast, Yorkshire pudding and currant jelly
20. Brussels sprouts, chestnuts and cream
21. A Christmas pudding, with hard sauce
22. An afternoon brisk walk

23. No kings in the crèche until Epiphany
24. The tree remains until Epiphany

An embarrassment of riches, as I reflect.

These days, it’s different.
Few rules remain.
And there is no snow in California.

Someone else is making the rules.
And I am glad.

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  1. how dogmatically canonical in a holiday and joyous sort of fashion. It isn't surprising you're now an Episcopal Bishop. Blessings as Advent ends and Christmas-tide arrives. Enjoy your time and a new set of rules and rituals in CA.